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Our Impact

Our work is dedicated to improving the lives of our clients the community. With our products such as savings and loans. KUSACCO helps to build resilience of individuals and families so that individuals and families are functionally secure. We do this through programs focused on Financial Literacy training, training and mentorship programs among others.

Financial Literacy

Overtime the KUSACCO has focused on community engagements in the financial sector through programs like financial literacy training on key aspects of saving for a rainy day, wealth generation through investments and freedom from debt.

The program has seen the staff impact over 1000 people in the community yearly with more focus on the rural poor, youth, women and other marginalized populations that are financially excluded.

Training and Mentorship program

We offer training and mentorship through our internship programs for students of higher institutions of learning. This is meant to equip the students to acquire on the job experience in a fast paced environment.

The internship program is an 8-12weeks competitive program for interested students.